A new partnership between GB Energie LED, and Impact Construction , LLC is seeking to aid storm recovery relief efforts in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The minority, woman-owned business committed to sourcing sustainable energy solutions from Revolution Lighting Technologies, and includes the replacement and rebuilding of existing lighting with high performance LED lighting.
United, the two companies plan to rebuild lighting and installing high efficiency LEDs with updated fixtures in educational facilities, hospitals, government buildings and for exterior street lighting as well.
Dr. Gloria B. Herndon, the President and CEO of GB Energie LED, is eager to get the relief efforts started. “We’re excited to partner with IMPACT Construction, LLC to aid in the relief projects and provide energy efficiency upgrades, particularly with high-efficiency LED lighting and fixtures for federal and local projects.”
Aikeem Harris, CEO of IMPACT Construction, mirrors the enthusiasm. “Following the series of recent natural disasters, there is a significant need and opportunity for the installation of more efficient lighting solutions and smarter, more advanced fixtures and controls.We believe GB Energie LED is the right partner to deliver high-quality LED solutions due to their experience with LED construction and renovation projects. Together, we are well positioned to be a key component of relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.”
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