Chad Severson, CEO of Ergotron, a movement company focused on ergonomic innovation, knows first hand the challenges businesses are facing regarding reopening strategies for brick and mortar businesses and corporate spaces.

Severson and his team are turning to innovation. One unique solution they’re using to figure out how best to adapt their workplace for COVID-19 precautions has been an office test lab, where they bring in employees who’d like to come back to the office. These willing employees help experiment with the available space and tools to create the safest collaborative experience possible.

Ergotron is based in Minnesota, a state that has provided very clear directives with regard to issues like spacing and mask protocol, “We’re fortunate to have those guidelines set in place. But with that said, we really began a process of kind of understanding what the requirements were from those guidelines, laying out what made sense with respect to that,” Severson said.

For his team, a hybrid working model appears to be the path towards both safety and success and Severson feels other businesses can benefit from a hybrid model as well, “I truly believe this is where we’re headed as an economy, and that is to a hybrid model. And what I mean by that is, I think we’re headed toward a space where we need to be ready to work collaboratively in an office, but also ready to work and enable our people to thrive at home as well. And so that really resonated with us being that we’re in this business.”

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