Will Safety Concerns Speed Up Automation of Window Cleaning Services?

The workers who lead the precarious industry of window-washing are pushing back against low wages and poor safety conditions in Minneapolis, now on strike since mid-August. The demands include not only higher pay and more guarantees around their safety while on the job, but also specific training around how to perform their jobs during COVID’s Delta surge. Many of the Minneapolis striking workers have complained about a lack of formal COVID protection instruction, especially for window-washers going into corporate office spaces with varying degrees of COVID mandates.

Ross Blum, COO of Skyline Robotics, an automated robotics company specializing in high-rise window cleaning solutions, spoke with us at MarketScale to offer his perspectives on the intersection of smart and flexible technologies like their Ozmo robot and using these tools as solutions to better protect and upskill existing workers on-site. He also offer this take on maneuvering the challenges associated with window and office cleaning during COVID.

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