A Decade of Supply Chain Disruptions Made U.S. Domestic Logistics Ready for a Baltimore-Style Closure


In the wake of the recent Baltimore Bridge collapse, the logistics and supply chain sectors are once again under intense scrutiny. This disaster poses significant questions about the robustness of current supply chain systems and the ability for the whole chain to respond to supply chain disruptions, especially given the past decade’s persistent challenges, including port issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts like Chris Timmer, CEO of Linnworks, and Harrison Crabtree, Director at the World Trade Center New Orleans, say that the last major disruptions to the supply chain, from the Suez Canal block, to the pandemic, to other port closures, have made logistics professionals more capable of staying on their toes.

With technology playing an ever-growing role in managing these complexities, and with years of similar supply chain disruptions shaping the industry, how resilient is today’s supply chain infrastructure in the face of major disruptions like the Baltimore Bridge collapse?

To address this critical issue, Timmer and Crabtree gave their analysis on MarketScale’s Experts Talk. In this clip from the show, their expert analysis delves into the evolution of risk management in supply chains and the pivotal role of technology in enhancing operational agility during supply chain disruptions.


Key Takeaways

  • Sophisticated Risk Management: Over the past decade, supply chains have significantly advanced in risk management strategies, making them more capable of handling disruptions compared to ten years ago.
  • Technological Integration: Modern technologies, especially those related to inventory management, offer global visibility and enable businesses to implement effective mitigation strategies during crises.
  • Alternative Transportation Modes: The logistics sector has learned from previous disruptions, emphasizing the importance of alternative transportation modes to ensure efficiency and continuity.
  • Regulatory Flexibility: States like Baltimore and Virginia have responded quickly by loosening restrictions on truck operation times, highlighting a flexible approach to meet increased transportation demands.
  • Industry-Wide Response: The rail industry has also shown adaptability by adding cars to their lines, demonstrating a coordinated effort across different transportation sectors to manage the increased load.

Article written by MarketScale.

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