B2B Digital Transformation and the Importance of Owned Content Channels

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How are B2B companies handling the next phase of digital transformation when it comes to owned content channels? Let’s find out, as host Tim Maitland talked with Mike McCalley, VP at Vixxo, a facilities management company. McCalley has a long career in marketing leadership, working for GE, Flowserve and CECO Environmental.

In discussing digital transformation for B2B, McCalley said it depends on the buyer making the decision, as each generation has its own familiarity with technology – all the way from “digital foreigners” to “digital natives.”

The buyer journey matters, as well. It’s changed from being relationship-based to buyers seeking information and looking to learn. “Your digital presence is your silent salesperson,” McCalley said.

That’s true, because it’s always there and available. McCalley also noted there’s a misconception about B2B buyers and that their decisions don’t involve emotion.

“You have to prove your product or service will make them more money, but you also have to make them feel good about it and that you’re an expert in the field,” he said.

Brands can do that better than ever by owning their own media channels, including podcasts, streamed events and their websites. The time to evolve for brands is here. “Either be the disruptor or the disrupted,” McCalley commented.

B2B companies, before the pandemic, spent a lot of money on trade shows. McCalley pointed out that the value of those is in the moment. In contrast, digital events are recorded and available to keep attracting new viewers.

As for the future of in-person events, McCalley believes a hybrid approach is likely. “From my perspective, trade shows are a wild card, but I think more vendors will be there in person, while attendees will be more selective, so a digital presence and option will be necessary.”

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