The CXO 2023 Event in San Francisco, CA

December 22, 2023


The 2023 CXO event, presented by Sunstone Partners, was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco in October.  This video is a composite of the event, with various attendees sharing the value they received from the conference.

The event aimed to foster relationship development and collaboration and share best practices among portfolio companies. For some, common goals and challenges were realized, albeit with unique solutions for each company.

For others, there were common challenges of fast-growing companies, including traditional issues like employee training and closing sales and new challenges like adapting to generative AI. This event provided a rare opportunity for management teams to step back and view the broader picture and generated many moments of experience sharing and learning.

There was also value in viewing the business through different lenses, utilizing partnerships for training, and leveraging the relationships formed during the summit for business advancement. Also noted were gaining insights on market trends, understanding the need for team alignment within companies, and the opportunity for cross-company collaboration to achieve collective success.

Participants are eager to see the outcomes of these interactions in the subsequent months.

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