With the COVID-19 pandemic engineering a boom in online shopping and eCommerce and the “new normal” unlikely to bring a reversal in consumers’ willingness to shop remotely, the retail industry is prepping for a fundamental shift unlike any it’s seen before. 

And Bloomreach is at the forefront of that transition. 

Bloomreach, which bills itself as a company “powering connected experiences for people and business” and helping companies around the world “create, measure, scale and continuously improve the customer experience,” now accounts for 25% of all retail eCommerce experiences in the U.S. and the UK. 

That figure represents over $200 billion in digital commerce experiences. In short, if you’ve participated in eCommerce, it’s likely you’ve experienced a Bloomreach solution firsthand. Clients like Sam’s Club, Albertsons, Forever 21, Hilton, Puma and more have all partnered with Bloomreach to deliver those industry-shaking experiences. 

In this video, Bloomreach Digital Experience Manager Chris Sanders outlines how the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the company to continue innovating and to work closely alongside its clients to maintain key agility and flexibility. 

The company has also seen a tremendous acceleration in projects, though that pace has allowed the entire retail industry to learn valuable lessons about how online presence, eCommerce, digital experiences and more will shape the future of shopping.