Get Vertical! with Mike McCalley and Darren Doyle: Part 2

This second conversation between Get Vertical host, Mike McCalley and his guest, Darren Doyle, Outsourced Revenue Growth Partner at Sales Xceleration, is about root causing challenges in organizations related to pricing and discounting. The 5Ys tool is mentioned as a way to find the root cause by asking why five times. It’s important to recognize that the root cause could be a people, process or tool problem. It’s suggested to focus on fixing the tool first, followed by the process and then only moving on to people as a last resort. Non-adopters are identified as individuals who will not make it through change, compared with laggards who may become supporters. It’s important to recognize the different skill sets required for exploit and explore parts of an organization. Change management involves casting a vision for where you are going and giving employees the power of the opt-in or opt-out option, based on whether they want to be part of that vision going forward. Finally, it’s important to recognize an employee’s value may change as they age in your organization, but you should consider all options before letting them go.

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