Hiring Tips for the New Decade

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Hiring and job searching will continue to be paramount in employers minds in this new decade. As we know, hiring can be a long a complex process and there are numerous things to consider when recruiting the right employees. We have broken down our top 5 tips for hiring the right candidate in your organization.


1. Accurately Define the Job

– A job analysis is fundamental to developing an accurate job description and will ensure that you are recruiting from the correct area of expertise.

– Keep in mind that Although the right skillset may seem like the most important factor in whether a candidate is a good fit, the truth is that skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot.

2. Plan Your Employee Recruiting Strategy

– Having a strategy for how you recruit employees will be key in making sure that you are not just casting a wide net, but the right net.

– There are many tools, resources, and events available for recruiting employees. Make sure to find the right ones for each position in your organization.


3. Keep Improving Your Interview Process

– It’s easy to forget that the interview itself plays a huge role in making sure that interviewees are able to accurately portray their skills and experience.

– Sometimes it is better to have multiple people on a team interview a potential employee to make sure that you are getting a wide range of perspectives.


4. Follow Up Quickly

– The most qualified candidates tend to get hired quickly and do not intend to spend a lot of time looking for jobs.

– And when it comes to more senior level positions, there is often a discussing pertaining to salary and benefits.


5. Continue Building a Company Culture

– Many candidates are looking to join a company that is also a good fit for them and their personalities.

– It is important to keep an eye on your reviews and how your brand is portrayed and responded to online.

We hope these tips prove to be useful in your hiring search and if you are looking for the perfect place to post your next job, go to MarketScale’s careers page for more. We have hundreds of job postings in every industry all over the world, making MarketScale your go to resource for all things B2B.




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