Is PayPal a Litmus Test for Crypto Adoption?


Blockchain has been steadily expanding its applications and uses cases. Decentralization has proved beneficial for things like peer-to-peer trading across the supply chain, verifiable document sharing, and general traceability of important data.

One of the more high profile validators of cryptocurrencies has been with PayPal, recently completing its integration of crypto into its platform with the rollout of a new “super app” for direct deposits, bill pays, peer-to-peer payments, and of course, crypto functionality.

But are these new use cases enough to take cryptocurrencies, and more generally the blockchain, into mainstream acceptance, and beyond that, mainstream use and understanding by customers? Marie Tatibouet, CMO at, a platform for buying, selling and trading of over 1000 cryptocurrencies, weighs in.

With PayPal’s recent super app news and crypto integrations, Marie also gave perspective on if this PayPal news could be an exciting sign of the times, or if it’s missing the mark in widespread crypto adoption strategies.

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