Unlocking The Secrets To Leadership And Mental Fitness In The Age Of Information: A Journey Of Transformation And Growth

Leadership is a word that means different things to many people. Some see the leader as the ultimate authority in an organization, while others see leaders around the company. Often, leadership is about inspiration and influencing others as much as being in charge of something.

But for those leaders, whether natural born, leader in training, leader to be, leader by necessity, or leader adjacent, taking those skills beyond means leaving up your leadership, and doing that requires a mindset, energy, motivation, mental clarity, and heightening one’s conscious being. It also means channeling energy into different buckets to enact constructive change.

One person who focuses much of his energy on helping others level up their leadership skills is Machen MacDonald, Business Coach and Founder of the ProBrilliance Leadership Institute. He is the author of several business coaching and development books. MacDonald spoke with Power Up with Manal’s Manal Keen about his journey and effective ways of leveling up your leadership no matter your position.

“I’ve had the privilege of being able to coach small business owners and people in the financial services business for over the last twenty years, and the bottom line is, I help them bring their A-game to their hero’s journey,” MacDonald said. “They’ve got a call to adventure; they’re ready to break out and take another step. They’re already successful, but maybe they’ve been camping out on the success plateau for a while, and now they’re ready for another climb. And that’s where we get to play.”

Keen and Macdonald discuss the following during their conversation:

  • The world of information has changed rapidly in recent years, and leaders must adapt to navigate this new landscape
  • Mental clarity is critical for success, and it’s important to be selective with your attention and focus on positive events rather than negative ones
  • Focus on the concept of affirmations and how they can be turned into “ask formations” to achieve goals. Asking oneself how one can achieve their desired outcome, can lead to action solutions

“There are going to be those things that are out there that, yes, on some level, we’ve projected that experience, and if we’re passionate about something, and it’s got our attention, and we’re called to it to make a difference, by all means, you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to that,” MacDonald said. “Follow that energy for sure.”

About Machen

Machen MacDonald is the #1 best-selling author and creator of the successful Power of Coaching book series. He is a certified and award-winning business coach and life coach, a certified MindScan Consultant, and a creator of the 5X5 POD Formula for achieving and maintaining tremendous success. Macdonald founded the ProBrilliance Leadership Institute to help small business owners, sales professionals, advisers, managers, and corporate leaders solve the everyday challenges they face.

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