Stenograph Introduces Phoenix 2.0, a Significant Advancement in Legal Speech Recognition Technology

Stenograph, LLC, the industry leader in legal transcription technology, announces Phoenix 2.0. This is a significant upgrade to Stenograph’s custom-built speech recognition technology, Phoenix, which leverages its extensive expertise in legal terminology, formatting, and editing to enhance productivity during transcript production.

Phoenix 2.0 includes upgrading Stenograph’s speech recognition technology to improve accuracy on proper nouns, grammar, speaker identification, question, and colloquy identification, leading to up to 94% accuracy for an AI-generated rough, a substantial improvement, and best in the market. These improvements directly result in up to a 40% increase in transcript productivity, reducing the time to edit a 180-page transcript by up to three hours. Also, Phoenix 2.0 now natively supports common court audio file formats, such as TRM and DCR, thus streamlining workflow and allowing users to do more with Phoenix and MAXScribe in a deposition and a courtroom setting. This comprehensive update makes the end-to-end transcription process more efficient and convenient.

“Phoenix is custom built and stands out from other automatic speech recognition technology in the industry,” said Nayan Patel, Senior Product Manager, Phoenix. “This unique approach allows us to enhance and improve the engine quickly based on the valuable feedback from our customers. These latest features are examples of that adaptability, enabling us to deliver additional value to customers seamlessly, without requiring them to modify their workflow.”

Since its launch in 2021, Phoenix has seen quality improvements and expanded usage through strategic product integrations. Phoenix now seamlessly integrates with CATalyst Check It, enhancing the efficiency of our industry-leading CAT software by reducing editing time for stenographers. Phoenix has also been integrated into CaseTestify’s ViewScript. Attorneys using CaseTestify can now benefit from audio and text real-time in-testimony and synched post-deposition reviews. Applications of Phoenix in the industry were expanded with the introduction of Phoenix On Demand, a powerful API that provides direct access to the Phoenix engine. Now, users can submit multiple audio files to Phoenix simultaneously and seamlessly integrate the output directly into their existing workflows.

“Stenograph had a vision to combine best-in-class speech recognition technology with our 85 years of experience in legal transcription,” said Anir Dutta, President of Stenograph. “The result is Phoenix, a custom-built speech recognition engine which has not only the highest rate of overall accuracy in the market but also the flexibility to be integrated into a variety of applications and workflows, creating a truly custom solution for our customers depending on their business need. The growth in usage and the improvements in technology with Phoenix has been amazing for our customers and the industry in general. It continues to help both digital and steno reporters improve productivity in creating accurate and certified legal transcripts.”

Stenograph is dedicated to providing innovative tools to help customers capture, produce, preserve, and access verbatim records. Phoenix 2.0 reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower users to boost productivity, save valuable time, and produce high-quality transcripts quickly.

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