The Tech Divide is Impacting How Well Companies Can Respond to Supply Chain Disruptions

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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the divide between companies with advanced tech capabilities and those lagging behind is widening. This growing tech divide significantly impacts their ability to respond to supply chain disruptions, a crucial factor in maintaining business continuity and efficiency that’s even more pronounced as supply chain resilience is increasingly defined by the level of quality solutions and data capture providing visibility across the logistics ecosystem. With the stakes higher than ever, especially in the wake of recent port closures from the Baltimore Bridge’s collapse, understanding the dynamics of this divide is essential for companies aiming to stay competitive.

How does the tech divide affect supply chain resilience?

In this clip from a full episode of MarketScale’s debate & discussion roundtable, Experts Talk, Dr. Piyush Shah, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Florida Gulf Coast University, provides a critical analysis of the larger business tech divide and sheds light on how technology adoption influences a company’s ability to manage supply chain disruptions effectively.


Key Points

  • Technology Implementation Disparity: Companies proficient in technology tend to adopt more advanced tools, further enhancing their capabilities. In contrast, those with lower technological proficiency continue to fall behind, exacerbating the divide.
  • Disruption Management: This disparity creates two distinct groups: those adept at managing supply chain disruptions and those struggling to keep up. The former group leverages their technological edge to navigate challenges smoothly.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: Despite the divide, all companies, regardless of their tech status, must collaborate within the broader supply chain ecosystem. Effective collaboration is crucial to ensure overall stability and resilience.
  • Strategic Alignment: To bridge the gap, companies need to align their strategies, focusing on technology investments that enhance their disruption management capabilities. This alignment is vital for fostering a more balanced and resilient supply chain network.
  • Future Implications: The tech divide will likely continue to influence the supply chain landscape. Companies must prioritize technological advancement and collaboration to mitigate risks and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly complex environment.

Article written by MarketScale.

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