ConCensis: Love at First Assessment – Using Utilization Assessments to Uncover Blind Spots in Your Sterile Processing Department

CensiTrac is a powerful tool for any medical organization, and Censis wants to make sure organizations get the most from it, which is why they conduct onsite utilization assessments. Cody Pregler, Clinical EducatorforCensis,spoke with Tyler Kern on the multitude of ways Censis maximizes efficiencies with advanced clinical support through their ServicePlus model.

What exactly does a utilization assessment report entail?

“A utilization assessment report is where we come onsite, and we look atexactly how you’re using CensiTrac,” Pregler said. “We follow a container around the lifecycleof the hospital and your facility. And when we do this, we uncover blindspots in certain areas where we can improve a bit, as far as where we can track our medical equipment and instrumentation through their full lifecycle process.”

This utilization assessment is so critical to ensure that when the time comes for a process survey or inspection, a clinic is ready to pass with flying colors. Censis makes it easy to check that processes and steps occur through various support tools.

“One of our easiest tools that we provide our customers is what is called an out-of-sequence warning,” Pregler said. “What this does is it tracks that tray and those instruments as they’re moving through the process to make sure it’s hitting every checkpoint it needs to. And those checkpoints reveal information about what’s being performed on that instrumentation as its traveling through its lifecycle.”

With SPD staff shortages occurring throughout the country, it can be a comfort knowing that Censis’ ServicePlus team can assess processes and recommend CensiTrac tools facilities may not know are available to them.

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