John Shanahan

President & CEO Ionogen + JPS Communcations

John Shanahan is an innovator that sees business through a different set of lenses than the typical person in his industry. His focus is and always has been to bring alternatives to traditional approaches. Just because something has been done that way, does not mean it should always be done that way.

Shanahan has innovated with products like Host Dry Carpet Cleaning technologies back in the 1980’s when people said that you could only extract carpet. To this day, Fort Lauderdale still primarily uses this technology and looks great! Host was and is an alternative channel, helping customers to take a different road to get a better result.

For 30 years, Shanahan has focused on building a better sales story, the road less traveled that can bring differentiation and high profits. When working for Tennant in National Accounts, he shifted Costco from a rider that was ill fitted to their use to a more compact and reliable platform that served them better and saved them a significant amount of repairs.

Shanahan builds teams and works with people, and he simply doesn’t accept the tradition of hierarchal structures, believing that teams that focus on the good of the corporation are likely to succeed where VPs and CEOs are likely to fail.