Nathan Sumrall

Welding Engineer Superior Cladding

Nathan Sumrall is a degreed welding engineer. He is a practical man that bridges the gap between science and productive welding. He builds on 5 years of experience in Semiconductors along with 5 years in Oil and Gas. Sumrall excels with welding research, fine-tuning it to ensure production welding is both fit for service and profitable. He values repeatability, initiative and integrity.

Sumrall’s background includes R&D for corrosion resistant overlays, fusion welding and solidstate joining processes. He earned his WE degree at LeTourneau University. His time in semiconductors focused on joining of thermoelectric materials for high temperature power generators. In Oil and Gas, Sumrall works alongside top-tier engineers, to develop welds that meet their criteria for critical applications in upstream and down-stream markets.