Advice for store owners struggling to manage loss prevention

February 14, 2023

Discover effective loss prevention strategies. Glenn Brown, an experienced professional, delves into the importance of assessing root causes and exploring all possible reasons behind loss incidents. Learn how understanding employee behavior and implementing robust inventory management can help redirect and mitigate losses. Discover the power of leveraging partnerships, such as DTIQ, and utilizing cutting-edge tools like the 36IQ system for video-backed evidence. Uncover the role of SmartAudits in enhancing guest experiences and preventing loss. Find out how implementing safety and security measures can significantly impact overall loss prevention efforts. Don’t miss this valuable resource for optimizing loss prevention and safeguarding your business.

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This video shows a customer at a convenience store that utilizes DTiQ’s solutions requesting the cashier to fetch a different type of cigarettes, creating a distraction. Taking advantage of the distraction, the customer then left the store without paying for several cartons of cigarettes. Fortunately, the store manager had DTiQ and using their 360iQ, the […]

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Rue21’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) unveils the impressive financial results attained in their first year of a strategic partnership with DTiQ. The Michele Pascoe, CFO shares how the company successfully achieved savings of over a million dollars by significantly lowering shrink costs.

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DTiQ helped rue21 reduce their shrink across 600+ locations, hear from CFO Michele Pascoe.