Frightening Armed Robbery Caught With Help From DTiQ

January 14, 2023

In an incident at a fast food restaurant that utilizes DTiQ’s services, a customer placed their order and paid with cash. However, when the cashier opened the cash register, they drew a weapon. At the same time, another customer jumped over the counter with the intention of stealing cash from the register. Fortunately, the restaurant had implemented 360iQ, which is a product offered by DTiQ. 360iQ is a comprehensive video surveillance and loss prevention solution provided by DTiQ. It enables businesses to monitor and manage their premises through advanced video analytics and cloud-based technologies. In this particular scenario, the restaurant was able to utilize the 360iQ system to review the recorded footage of the incident.To assist with the investigation, the restaurant used RISA+, another tool provided by DTiQ. RISA+ allows for the saving and sharing of video footage, which allowed them to quickly share the footage with police. This collaboration between the restaurant, DTiQ’s 360iQ, and RISA+ aided in providing crucial evidence to the authorities in order to address the incident effectively.

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