How DTiQ’s Cutting-Edge Technology Saved the Day in a Car vs. Business Collision”

January 14, 2023

Picture a store manager arriving at work only to be met with a shocking sight—an exterior marred by significant damage. However, armed with DTiQ’s 360iQ solution, the manager quickly accessed precise information about the incident. By pinpointing the exact time and even identifying the vehicle that crashed into the building, the manager was able to take swift action. To preserve the video evidence associated with the event, DTiQ’s product RISA + was employed. RISA + enables the secure storage and management of surveillance footage in the cloud. By leveraging this service, the footage of the incident was swiftly shared with law enforcement authorities and the company’s insurance provider. This expeditious sharing of video evidence can aid in the investigation, apprehension of the responsible party, and subsequent insurance claim processing.

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