Rue21 CFO Testimonial – Part 5

January 14, 2023

Michele Pascoe, CFO of rue21 shares their remarkable journey of outsourcing loss prevention to DTIQ. Discover how this decision proved to be one of the best choices they made, as the CFO reveals the phenomenal ROI and praises DTIQ’s unmatched professionalism and meticulous execution as a trusted partner. Don’t miss this insightful testimonial that encourages you to take the leap and unlock transformative results by leveraging DTIQ’s expertise in loss prevention. Watch now and witness the power of strategic outsourcing in driving success.

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This video shows a customer at a convenience store that utilizes DTiQ’s solutions requesting the cashier to fetch a different type of cigarettes, creating a distraction. Taking advantage of the distraction, the customer then left the store without paying for several cartons of cigarettes. Fortunately, the store manager had DTiQ and using their 360iQ, the […]

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Rue21’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) unveils the impressive financial results attained in their first year of a strategic partnership with DTiQ. The Michele Pascoe, CFO shares how the company successfully achieved savings of over a million dollars by significantly lowering shrink costs.

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DTiQ helped rue21 reduce their shrink across 600+ locations, hear from CFO Michele Pascoe.