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February 12, 2023

Discover the transformative impact of DTiQ’s new dashboard through this customer testimonial video. Listen as a satisfied customer shares their personal journey of using the innovative dashboard and the visible difference it has made in their operations. This costumer recommends DTiQ because of their positive experience, and express confidence in the overall impact the dashboard will have on their organization. Uncover the key features and benefits that make this dashboard a game-changer, and understand why it is highly regarded by customers.

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impact of AI
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What is the impact of AI in serving as the architecture for reshaping industries and bolstering their competitive edge, particularly in the retail, C-store and restaurant sectors? In Episode 2 of IQ Talk, host Daniel Litwin engages in a dynamic conversation with Steve Habermas, Chief Product and Technology Officer for DTiQ. Together, they delve…

video surveillance for enhanced security
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How can businesses navigate the delicate balance between leveraging video surveillance for enhanced security and operational efficiency while ensuring the privacy and rights of individuals are respected? The inaugural episode of iQTalk, hosted by Gabrielle Bejarano, tackles these pressing questions with insights from John Donnelly III, the CRO of DTiQ, and Marc Litz, CEO…

Barbara Castiglia on QSRs
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Quick service restaurants (QSRs) and AI are becoming indispensable for improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue. AI streamlines order processing, enhances inventory management, personalizes customer experiences, optimizes workforce deployment, and adapts quickly to market trends. Collectively this all helps transform the QSR sector with increased efficiency, reduced costs, and superior customer experiences. Additionally, when…