AI in the Workforce: Adapt and Thrive or Risk Falling Behind

January 31, 2024
Ron Stefanski


In a recent episode of DisruptED by, the conversation pivoted around the future of work and the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on employment. This episode, featuring host Ron J. Stefanski and guest Dr. Keith Keating, the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) at BDO Canada and author of “The Trusted Learning Advisor” which recently won the Goody Book Award, delved into the often anxiety-inducing topic of AI in the workforce and how employees can adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

The episode explores the realities and myths surrounding AI’s role in job displacement, with a focus on employee agency and proactive learning. Dr. Keating emphasizes the importance of employees taking ownership of their career development in an AI-driven world. He advocates for lifelong learning as a means to stay relevant and reduce anxiety about job security. The discussion also touches on how corporations like McDonald’s are reshaping their approach to employee development, viewing jobs as steppingstones equipped with valuable skills rather than lifelong commitments.

Dr. Keating’s insights into the role of learning and development (L&D) practitioners are particularly illuminating. He challenges them to move beyond being mere order-takers to becoming strategic business partners within their organizations. This shift, he argues, is crucial for both personal and professional growth in an AI-centric job market.

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