Finding Camaraderie and Resources for Teachers Online

Teachers around the country are struggling to adapt to a new style of teaching. Whether they are teaching fully remote using technology or if they are transforming their classrooms and school day schedules to meet safety requirements. While there is a ton of resources online from teachers who blog or who specialize in EdTech, the teachers sharing their experiences on social media also have valuable insight worth checking out.

Some teachers may be seeking support during this time and Twitter has become a surprising source for camaraderie, resources, and guiding advice. There are many teachers on this popular social media platform who are sharing how they’re overcoming these challenges, as well as how they’re being creative. Teachers can connect via this platform to ask each other questions and share what’s working for them and what’s not working. Some teachers are even uploading helpful photos and videos that illustrate how their students are working in their current environments.

Organizations like NCCE, I2E, Microsoft, and Google have great training options that are available for teachers that are trying to come to grips with how they’re going to function, in a hybrid environment or fully online. ScreenBeam also provides resources on educational topics, such as how to improve classroom dynamics, to help adjust to this new and constantly changing education system.

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