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Putting the students first can seem like an obvious idea when it comes to education, but sometimes it can get lost in the noise created by new and exciting technology. Today’s podcast serves as a reminder that tech should serve the needs of the students, and not the other way around.

Ed tech influencer and author Matt Miller joins this week’s podcast to help us recap the Future of Education Technology Conference 2019 and helps drive home the point that students should be the focus.


Matt Miller, author of influential education books like Ditch That Textbook, joined this week’s episode of the podcast to discuss the major themes of FETC 2019. He pointed out that this was the first year where it didn’t feel like technology was a big scary topic to discuss, but something that could be harnessed for the purpose of teaching students.

“We’re moving past that panic point…where now we’re not so scared of technology,” he says. “Let’s figure what it can really do in the classroom.” Miller says that too often technology has been thrown at problems in the classroom without too much thought for how it can best be applied. That is starting to change.

One of the concerns moving forward is the size of the education apparatus and whether or not it can be nimble enough to keep up with the speed of technological advancement.

Hear what Matt Miller has to say about this, as well as what excites him moving forward.


As technology advances, classrooms must evolve in pace to ensure students are prepared to survive and thrive in our modern world. As educators strive to improve the success of knowledge transfer, technological advancements such as AR and VR are making that endeavor not only easier, but more entertaining, providing a new way for students to learn that goes beyond traditional memorization techniques, placing students in real-life-like realms and experiences that allow their own imagination to guide their learning.

MarketScale Host Sean Heath spoke with author, speaker, and educator Jaime Donally from ARVRinEDU.com on the EdTech podcast, where they discussed this constant challenge to engage students in specific subject matter, how the innovative side of the equation has grown, and how these capabilities can teach kids more than history, English and math, better preparing our children to interact in actual real world settings or even survive devastating situations.

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