From Presidents to Children: Why Behavioral Threat Assessment Matters

July 3, 2023
Mike Matranga


In the ever-evolving landscape of security, one component remains crucial for protecting both the President of the United States and America’s children: behavioral threat assessment. Recent reports from the United States Secret Service reveal that identifying concerning behaviors is key to preventing attacks, with a clear pattern emerging across numerous incidents. This article dives into the importance of behavioral threat assessment and its potential to avert harm before it occurs.

The Core Question of the Conversation:

How can behavioral threat assessment help safeguard individuals, be it high-profile figures like the President or vulnerable children?

In a recent episode of SecurED, Host Mike Matranga engages in a thought-provoking discussion with security expert and Co-Host, Mike Monsive. The conversation delves into the significance of behavioral threat assessment, exploring its relevance in protecting diverse targets and why it remains an integral part of security planning.

Main points from the episode:

  • The foundation of every security plan relies on identifying behavioral signals that indicate a potential threat, irrespective of the target’s profile.
  • Insights from the United States Secret Service reports reveal the consistent exhibition of warning signs by attackers before carrying out their actions.
  • Implementing behavioral threat assessment processes, not only in schools but also in various settings, holds the potential to prevent incidents and provide necessary support to individuals in distress.

Co-Host Bio:

Mike Monsive is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who thrives on the challenges of business and the gratification of building value through perseverance and dedication. With a passion for creating opportunities, they are driven by the ability to empower those around them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. With decades of experience in the low voltage industry, Monsive has honed their skills in designing and even manufacturing innovative solutions to address intricate problems. Their unwavering commitment to crime prevention and the deterrence of criminals fuels their undying passion for enhancing security measures.

Listen To The Full Episode Here!

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