How Districts and Schools Have Been Adapting to Keeping Parents Engaged


Daniel Litwin hosts Vlada Lotkina, CEO & Co-founder of ClassTag, to discuss how districts and schools have been adapting to keep parents engaged. ClassTag is a free Parent Teacher Communication App that connects teachers and families to meet communication needs for remote, blended, hybrid and in-person learning. Vlada is passionate about supporting teachers, parents and students as they balance schooling from home.

As the Fall semester approaches a close, some of the most difficult responsibilities parents have had with at home schooling is juggling work, family life, and ensuring that children are having a successful educational environment.

At the start of the pandemic, educators lacked communication tools. Now more than ever, the need is obvious. “There are decades of research showing a direct correlation between parent engagement and student success.”

ClassTag helps support communities with engagement and better communication. Engagement analytics are visible, which heightens visibility. Messages, announcements, videos, pictures, calendars, actionable engagement stats are all located in one place to support families and teachers during this time.

Accessibility is a huge hurtle schools face when providing resources to students. Many families do not have access to the latest technology and are not able to easily reach out for help. For many parents, they have never met their children’s teachers, so it is critical to create a line of communication. Barriers to success multiply for low-income families who are already struggling to meet remote learning needs, as well as ESL families. ClassTag works to meet these needs by providing translated resources and tools to make sure all families have access to the resources needed for successful learning from home environments.

Ensuring effective communication between parents and educators allows students to be successful. Teachers can only do so much to keep their students engaged in a virtual setting. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children have access to online teaching, have the guidance to build schedules for homework and class times, and to give extra support if their child is falling behind in the curriculum.

Vlada advises parents struggling to keep up the work/life/e-learning balance to focus on predictability and scheduling. Organizing time to sit down with their children to plan a schedule will provide more structure and opportunity to meet goals. Vlada encourages parents to arrange virtual hangout to stimulate social time which is imperative to social skill growth.

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