With the immediate, new-normal future of education still largely uncertain as the fall semester begins across the country, homeschooling is quickly becoming option No. 1 for many families.

However, concerns persist – how can these families ensure their students are getting the best education possible in a homeschool environment?

Varsity Tutors Chief Academic Officer Brian Galvin said the company has a solution in the form of School@Home.

School@Home offers differing levels of tailored schooling, including options such as a structured curriculum, personalized learning plans, one-on-one instruction, small group classes, virtual field trips, and more.

“I think, as an education industry, we know to expect the unexpected,” Galvin said. “What that really means is we need to be receptive to a variety of changing needs of learners and their families. What we know won’t change is what students and parents will want throughout the fall. Parents want personal attention for their students.”

Galvin also tackled the future of the education industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, both over the short term and as the educational landscape shifts permanently as a result of this unprecedented period.

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