Desperate to find a silver lining in the COVID-19 madness? Take a look at this recent report posted by the World Bank about edtech efforts in Indonesia. According to the authors Noah Yarrow and Riaz Bhardwaj.

“Our recently published EdTech landscape survey for Indonesia reveals that the sector here is starting to catch up with the global frontier.  It notes the growth of local platforms, such as Harukaedu (a platform offering online university degrees), Ruangguru (an interactive e-learning platform for K-12 students in Indonesia) and Cakap by Squline (a tutoring platform for language learning). But overall the sector is still emerging.

The earlier reluctance to adopt technology among some of Indonesia’s educational institutions, teachers and parents has been turned around by the crisis, as many are now reliant on online and distance education. We expect the pandemic to accelerate the adoption of online learning methods and to encourage educational institutions to use remote learning to improve resilience in future crises.”

Read their blog post here.

Download the full report here.