MarketScale EdTech 01/15/19: Big Results from Unorthodox Methods

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No two people learn the exact same way. The more technology that moves into the classroom, the more avenues that become available for teachers to help impart knowledge to their students. Today’s episode of the MarketScale EdTech podcast takes a look at two unorthodox ways that teachers can use tech to help their students retain information.

Once Upon a Technology

Throughout human history, knowledge and history have been passed down through storytelling. However, not everyone is comfortable with being the storyteller, even if the story is reading a children’s book to our own children. On today’s podcast, I had the chance to chat with Dr. Monica Burns, an EdTech & Curriculum Consultant for Class Tech Tips.

We discussed the power in a well-presented story, the common challenges we face when stepping into that role, and how technology is taking “story time” to the next level at ALL educational levels.

Click here to read the latest blog posted by Dr. Monica Burns.

The Sound of Learning

For many elementary school kids, reading definitions from the textbook is just one of the many ways they consume the knowledge they need for high school and beyond. But once those kids get to high school, textbook learning becomes more integral and commonplace, leaving more visually minded and creative learners in the dust.

In comes Studytracks, a service that posts a variety of fun, catchy songs that teach material from Math to History. Not only are they professionally produced, but they reflect the musical trends of the era in a convincing, authentic way, making the listening experience that much more engaging.

Joining us today is the Creator and CEO of Studytracks, George Hammond-Hagan to discuss the reception of Studytracks from students and teachers, as well as the need for more diverse ways for high school students to learn their material.

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