FETC According to Matt Miller

Putting the students first can seem like an obvious idea when it comes to education, but sometimes it can get lost in the noise created by new and exciting technology. Today’s podcast serves as a reminder that tech should serve the needs of the students, and not the other way around.


MarketScale EdTech 02/05/19: Where Does EdTech Fit into the Workplace?

On today’s MarketScale EdTech Podcast Show, we talk to Monica Burns and MarketScale’s own Emily Rector about the use of AR in the classroom and the use of EdTech—including AR—in company training. AR is more than just PokemonGo! It’s the future of education and post-educational training, and it’s motivating venture capitalists to put their money into endeavors that branch out of just the classroom.


MarketScale EdTech 1/22/19: The Legacies of Higher Education and Coding Language

As technology has evolved, have our thoughts on the qualifications and training necessary to enter the workforce changed along with it? Today’s podcast takes a look at the potential legacies of two methods of education that have an eye towards the future when it comes to preparing their students.


MarketScale EdTech 01/16/19: Big Results from Unorthodox Methods

No two people learn the exact same way. The more technology that moves into the classroom, the more avenues that become available for teachers to help impart knowledge to their students. Today’s episode of the MarketScale EdTech podcast takes a look at two unorthodox ways that teachers can use tech to help their students retain information.


MarketScale EdTech 01/08/19: The Power of Continuous Education

2019 is going to be a big year for EdTech, mostly because of the shift in generational teaching. Gen Z’s flexible learning style is leading to new methodologies, new technology and new initiatives for what works in today’s modern classroom. These methods of transmitting knowledge are changing and going more and more online, in both corporate education, higher education, and personal education.

What we’ve come to find, though, is just because something’s online doesn’t make it engaging or innovative; eLearning is experiencing a transition of its own. On today’s MarketScale EdTech Podcast show, we speak with Clint Clarkson, founder and managing partner of e-Learning Alchemy, Ltd., and Shelley Osborne, head of learning and development at Udemy. From how to present information to get employees interested, to the importance of continuous learning as an adult, this week’s podcast shines a light on the power of never being done with your education.


MarketScale EdTech 12/27/18: Will VR Transform the Classroom or Empower it?

Today’s MarketScale EdTech podcast show takes the tech fight to the classroom, analyzing three different perspectives on how and why technology is taking the lead in more engaging, adaptive education. Whether it’s with immersive technology like VR, the replacement of textbooks with digital nonfiction, or the modern teacher’s methodology in the classroom, it’s clear that the industry is in a time of transition. Give this podcast a listen for a look at which tried and true traditions of the classroom are making way for their more engaging digital counterparts.