The world has swiftly transitioned to remote-based business as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Be it for education, conferencing, on-boarding, or telemedicine, use-cases for virtual technology have materialized overnight. “Voice of eLearning,” takes a look at how problem-solving tech has evolved just since the pandemic began with guest Scott Pleasants,  Chief Innovation Office at Innovate Learning.

With over 25 years in the technology sector, Pleasants uses his background to consult for regional businesses in the VA area to make the most out of their technology decisions. As COVID-19 has accelerated the use of tech in the workplace, Pleasants explains how businesses can harness it to add value and problem solve. Microsoft Teams, Pleasants explains, helps businesses foster rich communication, navigate cultural divides, train teams, and elevate peer-to-peer mentorship. These features are critical for new-hires who have never had the ability to be in office.

Businesses are continuing to introduce new tech into the remote workspace in an effort to adjust with the times. Pleasants says, there’s no “secret sauce or playbook,” for how this tech will best function. Pleasants tip? Have fun with it, be less formal, assess all the tools in your arsenal. Think outside of the box in this ever-evolving vertical.

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