Online learning is here to stay, and the $325 billion industry is not limited to just students.

“eLearning” can be used to engage and teach employees, as well. Jennifer Stringer, founder of Square 32, joins host JW Marshall to talk about the future of eLearning and how her company combines marketing and education to empower organizations.

Stringer said that, if “companies want to have engaged employees, in order to do that successfully, you have to provide eLearning opportunities.”

She also said that Square 32 is actively helping non-profit organizations reach their target audiences through eLearning marketing.

Holding the attention of learners is an age-old issue, no matter the setting. Whether it be a PowerPoint or an online class, Stringer said that one thing teachers can do to capture and hold attention is to insert humor or a story. Something as simple as a video or a meme at the start of a presentation can engage the audience. She also said to “add sound and visual to make people pay attention to what’s next in the presentation.”

eLearning is becoming increasingly important in the business world whether companies implement it in their organization or not. Stringer said “it is important to educate your employees to keep them from leaving your company for other opportunities.”

The duo also mentioned that businesses now want to learn before purchasing, partnering or being sold something. Stringer wants to “make people see what’s in it for ‘me’ in a marketing perspective.”

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