Welcome back to the Online Learning Minute at Marketscale. Today we’re going to explore what makes a BAD online education video.

Have you ever sat through someone reading a PowerPoint and only providing voice? I’m sure at one point or another, you have, and you only remember how boring that content was. You likely don’t remember the knowledge that was being transferred, you probably don’t watch that webinar or presentation ever again, and you probably dread knowing that a lot of your trainings are being conducted in that fashion.

Why are so many of the presentations we need to attend done like this? Well, it’s really easy to do and requires minimum effort to accomplish. But this is an example of a bad online education video because it’s not engaging, it’s not memorable, and the majority of that information was likely lost. Take the time to plan out an engaging, informative, and inspirational video for your learners. At the end of the day, content that’s memorable in a positive way will create learning impacts that last much longer.

That was your Online Learning Minute at Marketscale. Tune in next episode where we talk about Online Learning Analytics.