Welcome back to the Online Learning Minute at Marketscale. Today we’re focusing on the final step in the ADDIE process, the Evaluation phase. Once the course has run, we can begin evaluating how the course has performed and provide feedback on how the course can be improved in future iterations.

There are two parts of evaluation that happen throughout the ADDIE process, being summative and formative. While we evaluate the design of the course at each stage, we perform formative evaluations. At this stage, we’re using summative evaluation to examine assessment performance and user-feedback to determine if we’ve met all our goals we set in the analysis phase. We also use this stage to identify other opportunities for learning and for recommending changes for a continuous improvement.

As we conclude this series on the ADDIE process, I want to emphasize that this process is cyclical via continuous improvement and any opportunities we identify in the evaluation phase, we can bring back to the analysis phase. That was your Online Learning Minute at Marketscale. Tune in next episode where we talk about what makes a good Online Learning Video.