Transforming The Future Of Education Through Student Engagement And Personalized Learning

As the world continues to wage a war against the coronavirus, American students struggle to keep up with their lessons and maintain a quality education. Although there are many teachers putting in their utmost effort to uplift their students, the fact is that there are still some that fall through the cracks of our educational system.

How can educators re-engage these students? And how can school systems reduce the number of students that disengage from their lessons and eventually drop out of school altogether?

Beth Baker and Glen Taylor, the Founders and Co-CEOs of Centric Learning, have dedicated their careers to doing just that. With unique backgrounds and perspectives on education, the pair look for ways to innovate the current landscape and bring much-needed change to the traditional public-school system.

“We discovered that young people weren’t disengaging because it was too hard,” Baker said. “They were disengaging because it didn’t connect to their real life. They were ready to solve big problems and collaborate. They knew what they needed in order to learn, and they were disengaging when they didn’t get that.”

“School districts have a huge responsibility to their community and for the students they’re serving,” Taylor added. “When we’re talking about change and education, we’re not just talking about an object or a new innovation like a phone. You’re talking about people’s most precious resource.”

The resource in question? Their children.

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