In this #SundayRant on the eLearning Alchemist podcast, host Clint Clarkson rants about what business leaders should really expect from L&D. Business leaders often don’t have a clear understanding of what they should expect from the learning and development team. They know what they want: changes to employee behaviors that drive business results; but, it would seem there is a lack of clarity on the things that really should be expected of L&D.

The #SundayRant is an interactive series where listeners are encouraged to upload their 60 second comments directly to the episode. You can too by clicking here.

Click here to see the enhanced transcript with additional resources.

This is an episode of Clint Clarkson’s eLearning Alchemist podcast, a show for Adult Learning Professionals, where Clint dives into a variety of L&D topics (e.g. eLearning, measurement and evaluation, compliance training, etc) to give you quick doses of L&D thoughts and opinions.

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