White House Ramps Up School Nutrition With Added 50 Million in Grant Funding


Adam Coughran, President of @safekidsinc, breaks down why the White Houses $50M in grant funding is so essential for education and better learning outcomes. The latest in a string of funding efforts by the White House, it is hoped that students will have greater access to healthier and more locally sourced produce despite the pinch of rising costs.

Adams thoughts:

“One of the foundations to learning is nutrition.  There’s been plenty of studies I’ve shown that kids, especially young, have a reduced ability to learn if they’re hungry.  If they’re going hungry, if they don’t have the proper nutrition, they don’t get breakfast in the morning, they don’t have lunch, they don’t have snacks.

So, the recent news of 50 million being released from the White House to schools and agencies that need this type of service in order to feed their kids is really. Pretty good news. Think about it this way. Imagine going to school or going to work and not eating for a day or two or three, and not knowing where your next meal comes from.

The performance, the ability for you to learn and to grow and to make decisions and to do the best that you can possibly do is going to be severely hampered by the lack of nutrition. There are so many kids in so many communities across this country that go to school hungry, and it’s impacting their ability to learn, impacting their ability to perform.

So, the ability to have some of these kids to finally be able to eat, have a nutritious meal in the morning, have a snack at lunch, all the different things that this type of funding will ultimately provide. Will really help kids learn and really thrive in our schools.”



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