Asset Intelligence is a Major Factor in Modernizing the Energy Grid

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The global energy grid is seeing increased demand as renewable energy sources, electric vehicles (EVs), and battery storage systems become increasingly integrated into our daily lives. This shift has highlighted the urgent need for modernization strategies that can accommodate such dynamic changes. With a growing trend towards a decentralized energy landscape, the complexity behind the meter has transformed the once straightforward grid into a dynamic and complex ecosystem. Enter asset intelligence and its use in modernizing the energy grid.

How can asset intelligence drive the future of grid modernization?

Addressing this question is Dr. Dominique Meyer, CEO of Looq AI, and Charlie Nobles, Vice President of Utilities Business Development at Ubicquia, Inc. During a recent Experts Talk roundtable examining what needs to be factored for modernizing the grid, both experts offered some analysis of the current state and future directions of grid modernization, emphasizing where asset intelligence comes into play.

Several of the key takeaways Meyer and Nobles spoke on were:

  • The integration of distributed energy systems, renewables, and EVs are contributing to unprecedented levels of demand on the grid. This scenario is described as an inflection point, necessitating a reevaluation of current grid modernization practices.
  • Dr. Meyer highlighted the importance of understanding the existing grid assets as a fundamental step in addressing the challenges posed by new energy demands. This involves leveraging AI to gain critical insights into the physical and informational aspects of the grid.
  • Nobles provided a historical perspective, noting the grid’s evolution from a simple, monolithic structure to one that is highly complex and segmented. This evolution was partly driven by the need for increased safety and efficiency in the past decades.
  • The grid has undergone significant sectionalization to minimize impacts during outages, introducing many potential failure points. The modern grid is now characterized by a high degree of segmentation and complex interactions, particularly with the advent of behind-the-meter technologies like rooftop solar and EVs.
  • Utilities and telecommunications companies need to proactively manage data and use asset intelligence effectively to plan and adapt to the new energy challenges. This strategic planning is crucial for the sustainable development of the grid.

Dr. Meyer and Charlie Nobles outline the vital steps needed to navigate the complexities of today’s energy grid, stressing the integration of advanced technologies and strategic foresight.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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