B2B News Update: The Trend Towards Renewable Energy Continues to Grow


Hey everyone, I’m Giovanna Hnath and today I’m bringing you a B2B news update brought to you by MarketScale.

Although it may seem like brick-and-mortar stores are becoming a thing of the past, Sephora is challenging that trend by opening 100 new stores that will run on 100% renewable energy across North America in 2020. More than 9,000 retail stores across the U.S. closed in 2019 while Sephora opened 35 new stores and is continuing to expand.

Generate Capital, a sustainable infrastructure platform, has raised more than $1 billion for new clean-energy projects. The projects will be for more than 400 companies, universities, school districts and non-profits across North America.

Over the past decade, solar energy has grown an average of 50% annually and recently the U.S. Department of Energy announced $125.5 million in new funding to advance solar technology research.

These funding opportunities for renewable power, transportation, energy efficiency and manufacturing will help advance clean, affordable and reliable energy for businesses across the U.S.

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