Keeping the Oil Industry’s Operations Ironclad with Nathan Sumrall of Superior Cladding

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The oil and gas industry has so much planning on the front end, but even with that type of thoroughness things can always go wrong. Accidents like Deepwater Horizon are on the front of everyone’s minds, and although tragic, they provide a huge learning lesson for how things can be done better.

Nathan Sumrall, Welding Engineer at Superior Cladding, points out that there is an urgency within the industry today that can lead to stress while trying to get everything done quickly but correctly.

As a child, he was fascinated with joining materials together, from super gluing fingers to playing with his dad’s welder. That has carried on through his B.A. in Welding Engineering and the five years that he has been in his important role at Superior Cladding.

“The justification for what we do in this company is the segue for so many challenges in oil and gas because parts either wear away or corrode away, and that’s where these claddings come in handy, because a piece of steel may have to last 20, 30, 40, 50 years and there’s a spot at the connection point where that product can wear away prematurely,” Sumrall said. “That’s where cladding fits in place.”

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