Energy Market Concerns Play a Role in Shaping National Security

The energy market is one of the most important sectors in the world, if not the topmost. The global energy market is vital to countries being able to function, and whether they can sustain a thriving economy. This means that all types of energy, renewable and nonrenewable, are an extremely valuable resource sought after by many countries and leaders. This ceaseless demand has also been the cause of many global conflicts in battles to control energy supplies. As a result, national security is constantly evolving and adapting to this concern.

How does the energy market impact national security?

Debuting with its inaugural episode, the new podcast “Gasonomics,” hosted by Tim Snyder, will discuss issues and concerns specific to the gas and diesel economies around the world. The show’s first guest is Baron Lukas, retired Marine Corps Colonel and current Principal at ExecHQ — a global consulting firm. On the show Lukas talked about the link between national security, as it relates to the function of global energy markets.

“Energy has been the number one driver of security policies since the early 1900s. To think, the industrial revolution, then we go from steam, to diesel power, and all the sudden oil becomes the lifeblood of a nation’s security. So, if you look at what happened in the 1930s, is Japan, for example, in part, the reason for Pearl Harbor was it was threatened or felt threatened by a limitation to its ability to get to its natural resources, oil being specific,” said Lukas.

Snyder and Lukas also discussed …

  • Lukas’ work as principal ExecHQ and helping companies to increase profitability
  • The politics often surrounding issues of national security
  • U.S.’s role in being a global leader in energy and how national security policies were shaped by energy concerns

Lukas added, “Germany in World War II, one of the goals was to get to the Ukrainian wheat belt for food and for oil — exactly the same thing. Think of our involvement in the Middle East … has been specifically…but frankly the important thing was being able to secure a free flow of energy to United States and its allies.”

About Baron

Baron Lukas has been ExecHQ Principal for a year and a half now. Lukas is also a retired Marine Corps Colonel and until his retirement, served in the Marines since the 1980s. His leadership experience and skill comes from various areas of his career such as in the military, mentor, advisor, board member, strategist and more.

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