How Will the Grid Need to Be Updated to Make the Roll Out of Electric Vehicles Viable?


Key Points:

  • Ways of increasing generation of electricity and capacity need to be increased to help take on the demand electric demand EVs could present.
  • Places where the grid needs to be managed have to be identified so they can handle EVs when they become more popular.
  • Batteries on the if constraints allows to discharge batteries and use that as a back up on the network


Electric vehicles are becoming more common across the United States. According to Pewresearch, in 2020 nearly 1.8 million EVs were registered which is three times as many as there were in 2016. But what does the future hold if more drivers are utilizing EVs and what sort of impacts could that have on our current grid structure. MarketScale asked Andy Bennett who is Chief Executive Officer at mPrest what sort of updates need to be made to the grid before it is able to handle that type of demand.

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