Sarasin-RSBD: StarFlow Market Update

August 3, 2023
Alexandra Simon


The dynamic world of pressure valve technology is continuously evolving. Current trends suggest a shift towards more efficient, reliable, and adaptable systems. Estimates forecast the valve market to grow at a 3.5 percent compound annual growth rate over the next six years, driven by increasing demand in power generation, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. Amidst this burgeoning market, a new contender is making waves: StarFlow V.
The critical question is: How does the StarFlow V revolutionize the pressure valve technology market? What sets it apart from existing products in the industry?
On a new episode of “FlowCast” by Trillium Flow Technologies, host Michelle Dawn Mooney talked to Sebastien Vermeulen, Global Product Manager at Trillium. The discussion revolved around the StarFlow V, its role in the market, and what it brings to the table.
The episode also covered:
·         StarFlow V’s unique positioning in the market is based on its high efficiency and reliability.
·         A comprehensive explanation of the pressure valve technology behind the StarFlow V and how it sets itself apart in the marketplace.
·         Insight into the standards and compliances met by the StarFlow V and how these impact its performance and applicability.
Sebastien Vermeulen is a tenured Global Product Manager at Trillium and has been with the company for eight years. With a background in engineering, he moved to a role within the product team, first as inside sales, then as a product manager. Vermeulen’s decade-long expertise in pressure valve technology makes him an ideal guest to discuss the StarFlow V’s market positioning and potential.

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