The Case for Environmental Monitoring Software

Keeping up with all your fuel equipment, particularly across many locations, is a tall order.

That’s why Titan Cloud Software has developed industry-leading advanced monitoring software.

With it you can streamline your process, lower costs, mitigate risk and boost your ROI with a solution that’s easy to implement and even simpler to use.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of utilizing such a solution.

Taking Control of UST Compliance Management Risk

Environmental non-compliance is an expensive proposition.

Let one leak go undetected, and you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses ranging from cleanup to lost business, damage to your brand’s reputation, and more.

In the U.S., the EPA estimates1 the average cost of cleanup at $130,000, and that number can rise based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Type of fuel
  • Size of the leak
  • Duration of the leak
  • Groundwater impact
  • Proximity to drinking water, etc.

The costs associated with remediation are joined by a need to follow municipal, state, and federal regulations, adding to the headache of managing your locations.
Environmental monitoring software can eliminate that chaos.

Easing Compliance Vendor Management

With a management system of your own, you can take the power back from data-management vendors.

You’d no longer be beholden to the vendor’s timetable – you can flip the script, putting you firmly in control of your vendor relationships and downgrading their services from a necessity to a commodity.

They’ll have to compete on performance, piling savings on top of what you’d already be experiencing with your software solution.

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Fuel Equipment Data

From a “compliance binder” to a maze of filing cabinets, Excel spreadsheets, and more, every operator has their own system for keeping track of their documents – or at least attempting to.

With a software solution, these inefficient and at-risk storage solutions can be a thing of the past.

Environmental monitoring software unifies everything on one platform, giving you a single records-retention system for the entire organization and saving time and money. This central “source of truth” also eliminates the stress of regulatory visits – it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Mitigating Environmental Risk and Remediation Costs

There’s no way to totally eliminate environmental risks.

However, detecting leaks sooner and more efficiently can get you ahead of the curve, particularly when it comes to remediation.

By providing intelligent, round-the-clock leak detection and monitoring of system issues, environmental monitoring software allows you to prevent leaks before they start and respond quickly when they do. You can also free up cash previously set aside to mitigate these costs, giving you a chance to leverage other opportunities.

Using ATGs to Their Fullest Potential and Triaging and Responding to Alarms

Automated tank gauges are your eyes and ears on your most valuable asset – fuel.

They’re complicated and numerous, which can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed by their scope. However, with a software solution, you can leverage their capabilities.

The right monitoring software lets you establish a baseline, letting ATGs alert you to any deviation from that standard.

Alarms are another source of chaos – they’ll always sound, and you have to remain vigilant and ready to respond.

However, automating and reducing alarm counts can help you better handle false positives, reducing unneeded dispatch, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your response, and allowing team members to focus their efforts elsewhere, boosting ROI and more.

Taking Care of Priority No. 1 – The Customer Experience

No matter the savings, efficiency boost, or increased ROI that environmental monitoring software can provide, you still need to take care of the heart of your business – the customer experience.

Modern consumers expect more from every transaction, and fuel is no exception. With an automated software solution, you can decrease downtime, helping you craft the frictionless fueling experience that matches consumers’ on-the-go and automated vision.

The Big Picture

The benefits of adding environmental monitoring software are nearly innumerable, but let’s take a look at some of the most impactful:

  • The average cost of cleaning up a UST leak is $130,000 and, if groundwater contamination occurs, this number can quickly increase to well over $1 million; potential litigation costs only increase these numbers.
  • Further, failing to start or complete cleanup following a UST release can lead to an RCRA § 9003(h) noncompliance order from the EPA, resulting in penalties of up to $37,500 per day of noncompliance. A software solution can mitigate those costs significantly.
  • You likely plan against environmental risk by setting aside cash reserves. The right environmental platform helps reduce these reserves by up to 60% through proactive compliance monitoring.
  • The return on investment for a reliable environmental software platform can be up to 36 times its monthly subscription costs, according to representative customer studies.
  • Investing in a management system effectively turns the tables and puts the operator in control of their data, reducing vendor costs.
  • As you expand, managing environmental compliance becomes increasingly complex. A reliable software platform that automates compliance — and is agnostic to fuel equipment such as ATGs and dispenser brand — eases scalability without adding head count.
  • With roughly two thirds of a location’s profits coming from in-store sales, you can’t afford to lose customers due to a disabled fueling position. Uptime keeps customers coming back and increases the odds of them visiting the store.

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