Trillium Flow Technologies 2023 Year in Review: A Year of Innovation and Growth

January 4, 2024
Michelle Dawn Mooney


Trillium Flow Technologies, 2023 year in review, looks back on a year marked with highlights that will usher in a fantastic 2024.

As 2023 draws to a close, the industrial world reflects on a year marked by significant technological advancements and business growth. Trillium Flow Technologies, a leader in engineered valves, pumps, and actuators, stands out with its remarkable achievements. This year, they’ve made notable strides in IoT smart valve technology, expanded their brand presence in the US, and successfully integrated new acquisitions. These developments are not just about technological progress; they represent a shift towards more sustainable, efficient, and customer-centric solutions in the industry.

How has Trillium Flow Technologies redefined industry standards in 2023, and what does their success tell us about the future of engineered flow control solutions?

Welcome to FlowCast, a Trillium Flow Technologies Podcast. In this episode, host Michelle Dawn Mooney and David Paradis, CEO of Trillium Flow Technologies, review an eventful 2023 and discuss the company’s significant milestones, technological innovations, and future outlook.

The conversation includes:

  • Expansion and Integration: Trillium’s growth through new facilities, like the new Hiller facility and the integration of Termomeccanica Pompe into the Trillium family
  • Technological Advancements: The launch of Trillium’s IoT smart valve technology and the expansion of the Sarasin-RSBD brand showcase a commitment to innovation and customer needs.
  • Global Market Growth: Trillium’s successful expansion in the Middle East and the US, along with record-setting performance in the UK and robust growth in China, highlights its global impact.

David Paradis, CEO of Trillium Flow Technologies, is a visionary leader in the flow control industry. With a rich background in engineering and business, Paradis has been instrumental in steering Trillium toward technological innovation and global expansion. His leadership has been pivotal in integrating new acquisitions and driving the company toward a sustainable future.

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