BARKO Brings Real-Time Operational Intel to Forestry Equipment: BARKO Insight

Superior, Wisconsin – BARKO Hydraulics (BARKO), a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative heavy equipment solutions for the forestry, vegetation management and material handling industries, is pleased to announce BARKO Insight, a remote platform designed to monitor the performance of heavy machinery.

“BARKO Insight uses real-time data to inform proactive maintenance and operating decisions for a single machine or an entire fleet,” said BARKO President, Justin Rupar. “With this type of information at the fingertips of owners and operators, both will gain a better understanding of how their machines perform in real-time. This obviously directly impacts productivity optimization and the extension of equipment life.”

BARKO Insight is available on new BARKO equipment and comes with a free 1-year subscription. BARKO Insight includes an intuitive dashboard, providing real-time insight into how a machine is running, with automatic alerts if performance metrics slip below normal operating conditions. Key benefits include:

Detailed Performance Monitoring
Knowing exactly what’s going on under the hood allows owners to make smart maintenance decisions.

Automatic Alerts
Receive notifications if performance falls below normal operating conditions.

Receive automatic alerts when machines enter or exit a geofence boundary.

Remote monitoring 24/7
Access real-world usage data, increase uptime and optimize operational productivity.

Concluding, Rupar noted, “BARKO machines are built tough, built to last, and with BARKO Insight, they’re now built to work smart.”

About BARKO Hydraulics

BARKO Hydraulics, LLC (BARKO) is part of the Industrial Technologies Group (ITG) of The Heico Companies.  BARKO is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative heavy equipment solutions for the forestry, vegetation management and material handling industries. Tough, dependable and powerful since 1963, BARKO is headquartered in Superior, Wisconsin and is committed to delivering exceptional productivity at a lower total cost of ownership. The BARKO line of equipment includes harvesters, processors, utility loaders, strong-arm grapples, industrial wheeled tractors and more. For more information, visit

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