Driving Automation: Automating Workflows in the Parcel Post and Distribution Fulfillment Industries

January 21, 2022


Think back to ten years ago when same-day delivery was a rarity; today, nobody bats an eye at its prevalence. Dan VanderAkker, Vice President of Kasa, joined Host Daniel Litwin to explain how workflow automation in the parcel post and distribution fulfillment industries is contributing to this trend.

Workflow automation is essential for timely delivery in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. Despite increasing automation, timely delivery is not a guarantee, especially with recent supply chain issues. While delivery delays frustrate consumers, they can be detrimental to businesses due to associated delay costs for production.

Part of the solution to reducing delays in the parcel post and distribution arenas is expansion of large-scale distribution centers. Many fulfillment centers are opening local facilities to meet demand and shorten delivery delays. Additionally, micro warehouses and ghost kitchens are appearing to assist big-box warehouses with storing food and pantry items.

Kasa deployed their partial automation component because they noticed the radical growth of the parcel post and distribution industries. Services they offer include electrical insulation and control services through the full breadth of projects from design through program development, factory acceptance testing, commissioning, startup and support.

VanderAkker speculated about Kasa’s future approach to automation: “Our backbone is going to be essentially sticking to the basics. We’re a service provider more so than a product provider and the ability to provide that service effectively on schedule without issues or without headaches to the customer can be a very valuable thing. If we can continue to maintain the same level of excellence and quality delivery on our services, I think that is going to help us stand out.”

Find more information on Kasa’s partial automation branch at kasacontrols.com.

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