Like many industries reliant on in-person and on-site production, the construction industry is feeling a mix of financial and safety-related issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the disparity is geographic; some midwestern construction firms are operating business as usual. Others in epicenters of the pandemic, like New York and Washington, are practically shuttered. Regardless, construction work is still happening, and though traditional large scale projects may be cancelled or put on hold, this outbreak has presented new short-term and long-term opportunities for construction firms.

Todd Dawalt, construction industry podcaster & business coach, spoke with Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin on the main ways construction professionals can come out on top after this pandemic changes the landscape for on-site work. Not only does Dawalt give insights on short-term projects that are and will continue to be in high demand to keep firms with a steady cash flow, but he gives his perspective on why worker safety, open communication and reaffirming worker value is essential for getting through this pandemic and beyond, especially when construction crews are are empowered to make decisions for themselves and for the firm.

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