From Milestones to Memories: On Time In Full’s Year in Review

December 27, 2023


As the world of logistics accelerates towards automation and tech-integration, Designed Conveyor Systems (DCS) has emerged as a beacon of innovation. This year, they’ve showcased an unwavering commitment to staying on the leading edge of warehouse execution systems. With the stakes set on operational efficiency and competitive advantage, DCS’s strategies have become a subject of high interest, especially as companies navigate the challenges of a post-pandemic market looking to optimize performance and scalability.

What does it take to keep large-scale projects not only on track but also on budget in today’s fast-evolving logistics landscape? This central query forms the crux of the latest “On Time In Full” podcast, a series that delves into the intricacies of supply chain management.

Hosted by Gabrielle Bejarano, this episode of “On Time In Full” is a Year in Review special, featuring insights from DCS’s key players like Michelle Blodgett, Ben Moyer, and Curtis Jefferson. They discuss the transformative approaches that have kept DCS projects efficient, innovative, and ahead of the curve.

  • Michelle Blodgett emphasizes the importance of open communication and teamwork in navigating project complexities.
  • Ben Moyer inspires with a call for imaginative engineering to push beyond traditional boundaries.
  • Curtis Jefferson introduces DATUM, the new benchmark in warehouse execution systems launched at ProMat 2023.
  • Brian Stewart narrated his team’s journey in successfully completing a complex equipment retrofitting project, overcoming both geographic and technical challenges through solid teamwork and DCS’s strong support system.
  • Brian Curran offered insightful advice on the importance of due diligence in understanding one’s products and operations to navigate the ‘digital jungle’ of modern logistics effectively.
  • Ruth Ann Rooker explored the transformative power of a truly engaged team, emphasizing the creation of a culture rich in trust, autonomy, and open communication as key to retaining talent and driving success.
  • Jeremy Davidson provided his perspective on cultivating win-win partnerships in business, highlighting the shift from a focus on scale to the significance of individual relationships and team dynamics.
  • Peter Ell shared his expertise on systems integration, underlining the necessity of a thorough risk-benefit analysis and setting realistic project goals to align with actual operational changes.
  • Adam Bommer discussed strategic approaches to software development, spotlighting the importance of setting clear expectations and utilizing automation to enhance quality and efficiency.
  • Fred Rudolph dived into the often-overlooked aspects of automation, emphasizing maintenance as essential to performance and how strategic automation can serve as a competitive edge in dynamic markets.

The episode transcends individual achievements to weave a tapestry of the broader trends and collective advancements within the material handling industry. Insights from DCS thought leaders across several departments reflect the pivotal themes of 2023: the impact of synergistic teamwork, the bold re-envisioning of engineering, and the anticipatory strategies in product design that have marked this year as a defining moment for DCS and the entire sector.

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