How We Have Built a Culture of Engagement

June 7, 2023

As companies navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, nurturing a culture of engagement has become crucial. A trend accelerated by the pandemic, this approach aims to foster an environment where employees feel heard, appreciated, and actively engaged. In the “Great Resignation” era, companies with an engaged workforce see increased retention and productivity. Transforming the workplace into one where employees thrive will build that culture of engagement that makes the best organizations great.

DCS knows the secret to success is creating and fostering a unique culture. How does this culture contribute to the company’s success, and what can other organizations learn from their approach?

In this On Time and Full episode by DCS, host Gabrielle Bejarano sits down with Ruth Ann Rooker, Culture and Engagement Manager at DCS, to delve into these critical questions. They discuss how DCS fosters engagement, Rooker’s role in cultivating this culture, and the key benefits that DCS reaps from its focus on engagement.

During the conversation, Rooker highlights:

  • The role of a thorough and mindful recruitment process in setting up a positive culture.
  • How consistent check-ins and feedback loops contribute to an engaged workforce.
  • The impact of cultivating a sense of autonomy, trust, and open communication.
  • The strategic programs and initiatives implemented at DCS which foster engagement.

About Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann Rooker has a background in human resources and organizational development. She currently serves as the Culture and Engagement Manager at DCS, where she plays a pivotal role in nurturing a dynamic and engaged workforce.

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